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Runtz Wraps Natural




Runtz Wraps Natural

Runtz wraps is new on the market. Runtz Wraps have some new and interesting flavors such as Natural, Vanilla Cream, Agave, Fresh Strawberries and Banana Split. To get these flavors the product is aged with certain essences to get the flavor. Some are aged with strawberries to get the strawberry flavor, others are aged with vanilla, bourbon and cocoa to get the true vanilla flavor we all love. You could try Agave which is aged with sweet honey and maple syrup.

Runtz wraps is a broadleaf tobacco grown to perfection and picked at the just the right time. These wraps are carefully cleaned and then put through their aging process to soak up all the aromas. This product contains nicotine and you must be 21 years or older to enjoy. They have a unique twist on the wrap flavor market. They are extremely hard to find in stores as they sell out quickly. Grab yours while supply lasts! Runtz Wrap Store has your back and has them in stock for a low price.

RUNTZ WRAPS are dark broadleaf tobacco grown to perfection, aged, sorted and then carefully cleaned and cut. Runtz aged this product with hints of vanilla, bourbon and cocoa. This product contains nicotine. Must be 21 years or older to enjoy Runtz Vanilla Cream wraps.

As you can see, tobacco blunt wraps contain significantly less nicotine than a single cigarette. Nevertheless, nicotine is still present in tobacco wraps. This means if you aren’t used to the effects of nicotine, or you prefer to steer clear from it altogether, then you’ll want to try other flavored wraps or hemp leaf wraps that are tobacco-free.


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